The 6 Most Shockingly Irresponsible “Fitspiration” Photos

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The Reembody blog, up to this point, has been a thoughtful exploration of human movement, a subject about which I am extremely passionate.

Today, however, I’m mad and I’m going to tell you why.

I have been planning a blog post for a while on fitness misinformation, and it was originally going to be the same kind of thoughtful deconstruction found in my other installments. But then I read this and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever found in my newsfeed: so beautiful, in fact, that the rest of the health and fitness propaganda floating around Facebook like turds in a pool started to really, really piss me off.

So thoughtful deconstruction has been postponed for another day. Instead, we’re going to take a good look at a few of those turds and get pissed off together because, when someone preys upon your insecurities in an effort…

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CLIF BAR, is it really that far over the edge?

As a nurse and a type 1 diabetic I am always looking for snacks and meals that will supply lots of energy, keep me feeling full and not jack my sugar through the roof. I also wanted something that tasted good. I have tried so many of the energy/protein bars only to find that after the first bite my mouth feels like i just took a bite of a soggy piece of chalk. BLAHHHH!

After a good pal of mine recommended CLIF bars I thought I would give them a try.  I am a fan of chocolate in any form so I tried the chocolate chip ones.

This is what I found…

The packaging is “okay”, its appropriate and doesn’t stand out.

Pros: It actually tastes really good. I eat them for breakfast and really do not feel hungry again for at least 4-5 hours. They do not shoot my sugar up (17g of carb). The packaging states organic oats are used and that the company donates to eco-issues. (1% for the planet). The price is reasonable, I am seeing them anywhere from .80 to 2.50 pending on what type of store it is.

Cons: It is 240 freaking calories! Its pretty small in size, only about half the size of the packaging.

Overall, I like this product, it fits my personal needs and taste buds. I am not sure I would use this every single day but days when I do not have time to cook or have a meal it certainly does the job.  I’m impressed with these, not an easy feat.

I Could Kick My Own Butt

Today is the official start day of my journey to get well, to rejuvenate.

It started with an alarm clock. I know, sounds silly, right?  I work until 1130 PM several days a week but never seem to be able to fall asleep until much later, usually 2 or 3 AM. I HATE MORNINGS! Today was different though. Today my baby girl started her first day of high school and my son 5th grade. I need to make changes in my life, I want them to make changes, as well, to be healhtier. I cant expect that of them if I cant do it myself.

I for now have chosen C25K as my work out. This morning, I decided I would visit a local park, I had never been there but had been told how nice it was and how great of a walk it had. MY ASS!! Nice, absolutely, quiet, yup but holy HILLS! I got through the 30 minute, very simple walk/jog workout although you’d think I just ran a bloody marathon with the way my body feels. My knees hurt like a mother and my shins feel like someone took a ice pick to them…AWESOME.

I am disappointed in my self. The first thing that pops into my head is the scene from Liar Liar where Jim Carey beats the shit out of himself. Yup, I am there.  How did I let this so unbelievably out of control?? I like to think the fact that I am moving my butt and doing something about it makes up for it but its just plain stupid.

Absolutely not an excuse, but when I moved away from my hometown a little over a year ago I also moved away from the most incredible fitness center, TAZ fitness.  I miss that place. Those girls could motivate a stone to get fit if need be and they did it (and continue to do it) with a fierce passion for what they do.  I will continue to annoy the owner to open a brach in this area, its a college town, COME ON!! (I will lower myself to begging to get out of having to run as a work out)

I am hoping this evening we will be able to take the kids to play soccer at what I will now consider the hills of hell.  Gently and passively introduce them to my plan. This ought to go over well..mwuahahhahah!!!

I may need a nap.



Urban Decay Beauty Balm, what the hype is all about.

Let me start this by saying how much I despise foundation in general.  I have tried many  MANY different brands, types and application methods.  Every time I would at some point in the day feel like I had dipped my face in a vat of mud. Yuck. 

I have combination skin, oily at times dry at times. Very prone to breakouts, of course as with everything else it can’t just be simple. I have dark spots and small scars from acne and my nose tends to get red.

After wondering around Ulta for a good 30 minutes (Im sure my husband would say 10 hours, he is such a good sport) I found the Urban Decay display.  The vibrant colors and sleek packaging caught my eye.  Honestly, I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for but since my Bare Minerals didn’t seem to be giving me the coverage I needed, I knew I needed some type of primer or foundation. (It hurts my fingers to even type that word.) Prior to this excursion I had never used nor heard of Urban Decay.

What I found:  Urban Decay Beauty Balm.

My initial thoughts: This crap is 34 bucks, at the very least it will maybe help cover the, now noticeable, bags under my eyes.  Who knows, maybe I will like it..doubtful though. I went home that day and had to start getting ready for work, I hate to admit that I was excited to try this product but I kind of was. I squeezed a small amount onto my hand and rubbed it onto my skin.  The balm had a light and velvet like texture, it wasn’t overbearing or chalky.  Now keep in mind, this is the one and only Urban Decay product I owned at the time so I mixed this up with my other stuff.  So, on top of the balm I used my normal Bare Minerals powder. I immediately noticed better coverage and a very nice glow. Sure as shit..I think this stuff may just work.  

When I got to work I had several comments on how nice my makeup looked and how much younger I looked. (The only thing different than any other day was the UD balm.) Through the day, at no point, did my face feel dry, oily or any of the other nasty descriptive words that I would typically associate with foundation or primer.  At the end of my shift when my makeup would normally be gone it appeared as if I had just put it on. 

Two weeks later, I am LOVING this stuff.  It has, so far, done everything it claims to do and then some.  My fine lines (that look like craters to me) appear thinner if they appear at all. I have noticed that even after I wash my face at night my skin feels firmer and dark spots less obvious.  It gives a superior base but also is fantastic worn alone. The balm creates a luminescent shine that isn’t oily and functions with other products. 

So, I actually like this stuff, a lot. Not that my opinion means much to anyone but knowing myself it is surprising. That is the cynic in me for sure.  I have decided to try more of these products. I have recently purchased the finishing powder, the 24/7 eye pencil, lip liner and mascara. I am hoping I like these as much as the UD balm but I’m not going to start doing cartwheels just yet. (Not that anyone wants to see that anyway LOL.)

So here is the quick rundown.

Pros: Lightweight, great texture, a little goes a long way, lasting coverage, can be worn alone or with foundation,  creates outstanding luminosity, blends well, doesn’t sweat off, actually does what it says on the bottle and advertising. O YEAH…this is a vegan product and PETA approved!!

Cons: For me personally, none. In doing some research the colors are limited so not everyone finds this to blend so well.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Its not often I will blab about something I like so much but hell, this stuff actually did it for me, so why not?

Not so sure whats next on the block. It sure would be nice to find something to do for my memory what this stuff did for my face, not likely though!!






Just to clarify

First thing is first, I’m not really a cynical bitch.  Im honest and brutally so.  Some people like it, some do not but when comes down to it if I have tried it and you want an opinion you’ll find here nothing short of exactly what I found.

A little blurb about me. I am 33 (going on 80), I have been an athlete most of my life whether it be running, general working out, or just chasing one of our kids around a soccer, softball, or football field. I have a wonderful supportive husband who loves me almost as much I love him. My friends and family have been my rock, without a doubt I wouldn’t be alive to write this if it weren’t for them.  I love my career, which at some point I am sure I will write about too.

The past few years have been tough. Although I have found more emotional satisfaction in my thirties BUT my body and “youthful” nature have taken a dive straight into the crap pot. Weight gain, splotchy skin, crappy hair, no sense of style etc..yup, you got it, FRUMPY!!!  Its annoying, frustrating, and now I am going  to do something about it.

This blog will be about my attempt to rejuvenate, to feel like a 33 year old again mind, body and soul. It will be about all the things I try, programs I use, books I read, people I meet and surely just some general bitching. Who doesn’t benefit from a good bitch fest on occasion??


We have been in NYC the past two days.  If that place doesn’t kick a small town girls butt (and wallet) I don’t know what will.  This trip did, however, inspire this weeks blogs. I work hard and play hard and expect my make-up to withstand and perform accordingly. Urban Decay, your first on my block.

Here goes nothing….